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The Top 3 Things I Learned Writing My 1st Draft

Holy shit, writing is hard! Who knew, right? I’ve just finished the 1st draft of my debut rom-com novel, You Make Me Sick and I’m equal parts ecstatic and saddened. I’ve been working on this manuscript on and off (mostly off) for such a long time, I’m embarrassed to say how long it’s been. And it’s not like I’m writing an epic piece with vast world-building, a cast of thousands and a huge word count. My novel’s word count probably won’t even hit 52K. What the hell took me so long? The two main culprits were my lack of drive [...]

Creatively Cool: M Knight

  M Knight wants to be clear.  He does not do booty photography. Period. “I like racy shit. I’m not a booty photographer. You can take a selfie for that. Do I love shooting women? Yes. Do I love shooting nude stuff? Yes. Do I want to push myself into the booty realm? No. It’s a fine line. I’ve crossed the line. I mean everybody has, but I think it’s a matter of where you want to set yourself. What is your marker for taste? Some people shoot booty really well. I like their booty shots, I just don’t want [...]

20 Brilliantly Random Facts & Revelations – Part 2

Y’all ready for another romp through the brilliant randomness?! Here's 10 more factoids and revelations. 11) Holy crap! I used to laugh at my mother so very much when she’d moan and groan trying to get up off the floor. But karma is definitely a bitch because now I’m the one having to roll over and get up like a damn toddler, while my joints sound like someone popping bubble wrap and snapping twigs at the same time. 12) I don’t think Scared Straight should work on adults…but it so does. I watched that show probably twice and know [...]

Story Time Saturday! – Good Luck, Samantha Baker

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I stared up at the glittering marquee in awe, my body teetering on the edge of the curb, needing to get a better view but not wanting to fall into the street and get hit by a car in the process. My fingers rose to my quivering lips and a surprised breath huffed out of me. I never thought this day would come. A woman passed by, glancing at me as she did. She stopped, her face creased in concern at the tears streaming down my face. “Hey, you ok?” I pointed [...]

20 Brilliantly Random Facts & Revelations – Part 1

I’ll be honest. Being 42 ain’t no joke. In my 20’s, I never contemplated what it would be like to be this age, what I would be like. Not that I was thinking that I may not live this long. Just that being in my 40's never really crossed my mind. Like ever. Back then, I was living in the moment. A newly-minted resident of Los Angeles; young, taut and free from pesky thoughts about things like health insurance (Who needs it?), healthy eating habits (Skittles aren’t considered fruit?) and 401Ks (Uhh, what the hell is that?). Fast-forward 20 [...]